Dominated by the Maid Pt. 03

Cal never thought there would come a day when he would be afraid of his own maid, adding insult to injury, it was in his own home, in his own room.


Cal tried to struggle free of his bonds and scream for help but all it served to do was squeeze the socks in his mouth releasing some of Lara's sweat which had been soaked up by the socks. Cal grimaced in disgust as the taste was horrible. Lara walked over and clamped her hand over Cal's mouth roughly.

"Quiet you little bastard, you don't want Mr. and Mrs. Adlair to wonder what the fuss is all about now do you?"

Mrs. Adlair was the next door neighbor, a 35 year old homemaker. Cal's family and the Adlairs had known each other for over 10 years. She was always gentle and calm and helped out when Cal's parents were away. She had helped take care of Cal and his sister Hanna growing up when both their parents were away for work.

Cal on the other hand didn't bother with Lara's words as he resumed his screams although they were muffled considerably by Lara's palm over his mouth. Lara further tightened her hold over Cal's mouth while using her other hand to pinch Cal's nose shut. Cal struggled to buck off her hand but was unable to shake her off. He could feel his air running out as his lungs demanded he breathe but Lara held on steadfastly. She only let go when it looked like he was about to pass out, letting him take in huge gasps of air.

"Listen dummy, I'll only say this once. I walked into your room and you straight up jizzed all over me and my top, so in retaliation I tied you up and subdued you. I could just tell this to anyone who listens and that would be the end for you. But that doesn't have to be the version of the story I tell anyone who finds us. I can also say you pushed me down demanding I give you a blowjob, that I was just your fucking maid that you could take me whenever you wanted. That I resisted and that you spurted all over me while we were struggling. I of course heroically overcame my offender and subdued him. I even have my shirt with your cum dripping all over it as proof. So... you have no options anymore. Try screaming for Mrs. Adlair now you little shit."

Cal instantly quietened down after hearing how Lara was going to twist the truth. His mood took a swing, from praying that Mrs. Adlair was nearby, to fearfully looking at the open window hoping Mrs. Adlair won't just pop in as a surprise to hand in baked goods like she usually did.

"I could even call your mom right now and tell her this and she would believe me over you, considering the kind of porn you were watching when I came in I doubt she'll trust you anymore. She would probably do anything to make it up to me, let me have all the revenge I want on you, pay me... anything to make sure I don't say anything in public. Should we try calling her?"

Cal was terrified at this point, he shook his head pleading Lara to not call his mom, sadly only mumbles were heard accompanied by more sweat dripping into his mouth making him gag and cough.

"Now now, there's no rush, just enjoy my delicious socks slowly. So you want me to call her then?"

Lara climbed onto the bed and pulled out her phone and dialed Jenna's number showing Cal the caller ID making him let out a strangled shriek. Lara just smiled wickedly putting it on loudspeaker.


"Hey Lara, what's up everything okay." Jenna's voice was heard through the phone.

Cal laid completely still, not even daring to breathe too loudly. His eyes started to tear up as he looked on helplessly.

"Yeah, I needed to talk to you, are you free at the moment?"

"Yeah, sure. I think I got a minute. I have a meeting soon though."

"Oh. kk, I'll keep it short then."

Lara re-positioned herself on the bed such that Cal was facing her. She stretched her leg out using her toes to wipe away Cal's tear. She mouthed a word which Cal couldn't really understand. Lar put her feet over Cal's nose.


"Huh, what was that? I didn't catch you."

Thankfully Lara had covered the receiver while ordering him to sniff her feet. Cal knew he had no other options if he wanted this whole episode to fade away. He pulled in deep breaths and started gagging which made Lara giggle.

"Oh, Jenna, I think it's just spotty reception. It's nothing much, we've run out of dishwasher detergents, can you pick some on your way back?"

"Oh, okay. I'll get some on my way back. Anything else?"

"Nothing much... you got anything to say Cal?"

"Oh is he there? why don't you put him on."

Cal paled considerably when Lara mentioned him, with his mouth taped shut he didn't want her to get suspicious that something was about. He let out some lowkey muffled noises and rubbed Lara's feet with his face as if to nudge her to help him. Lara was having a hard time holding in her laughter at this as she rubbed her feet over his face remorselessly.

"Oh, he just left. So rude, he didn't even have the courtesy to respond."

"Damn that boy is getting more and more arrogant with each passing day. Somebody needs to teach him a lesson. Considering how he excelled in studies and earns well now I can't even reproach him anymore."

"Yeah, someone really needs to."

Lara gave Cal a cruel smile which caused a chill to run down Cal's spine making him shudder in fear of what was to follow.

"Oh never mind, I think he's chewing something in his mouth."

"Probably some chocolate or bubblegum, he's always had a sweet tooth. Spends a lot on those candies and confectioneries."

"It may be so, he seems to be relishing it."

Lara couldn't hold back her laughter at the expression of disgust on Cal's face. He was frowning after listening to Lara lying to his mom and outright mocking him. But some part of him knew that it was much better to be mocked and humiliated rather than let his mom know the truth.

"Okay dear, I've got to go. See you later."

"Okay, Thank you Jenna. Bye."

Lara hung up and smirked at the sight of Cal's face being squished by her feet.

"Now isn't that a wonderful sight. At the least you know your place now. No more sitting on your high horse for you mister. Now let's see what kind of perverted freak you are."

Lara grabbed onto Cal's ear and twisted it like you would a naughty child and dragged him up to the laptop. She switched it on and made herself comfy on the chair while dropping Cal down beside her forcing him to kneel next to her chair.



Cal let out a muffled mumble which was barely audible. He was trying to rub his wrists on the edge of the chair leg hoping to rip the tape at his wrists. But Lara was pretty thorough in her binding of his hands making sure to wrap several layers for extra security.


"Answer me bitch. What's your password?"

Cal felt like he had been hit by a truck all of a sudden as Lara had slapped him full force without holding back. He felt disoriented and dizzy. He was stunned not knowing how to react. He pushed his taped mouth towards her hand and let out muffled noises indicating that he was still gagged and that she should let him go first. Lara looked down at his face and caressed his reddened cheek.

"Can't believe you are resisting me. I guess you want to be punished."

Cal let out disgruntled noises as he looked at her accusingly. She was of course doing this on purpose. Lara had a mean look in her eye and was giving him a cocky smirk, challenging him to scream or act out in some way so that she can hurt him some more. She was getting into the whole thing pretty quickly, giving him impossible orders in order to punish him some more was straight up mean and served to reinforce Cal's helplessness.

"Enough of that for now, I really want your password, if you resist in any way you're in for a world of hurt."

Lara ripped the tape covering his mouth harshly making him flinch. She roughly shoved her fingers into his mouth and pulled out her socks, now soaked in his saliva. Cal let out a few coughs as his throat was now parched and dry. The socks had regularly released Lara's sweat while also absorbing his saliva. Lara inspected the sock and then held it over Cal's nose.

"Pretty clean if you ask me, considering the short time. You clean up pretty well, maybe you should do the laundry from now on."

"Please Lara, I'm sorry..."


"Did I say you could speak?"

Lara screamed at Cal, making him cower and look down. Cal's cheek smarted and both his sides were now evenly red.



"Tch, pervert."

Lara soon logged into his accounts and started scouring his porn stash.

"My my, what a wide collection you have."

Cal didn't want to risk getting hit again and decided to remain quiet. Lara kept searching and watching videos from random folders for an hour or so,


A Co-ed girl was tied up and gagged, bent over a sofa as a older guy was whispering naughty words into her ear, pinching her nipples and making her squirm. He then pulled out his dick and started humping her from behind. The guy was relentless as he rode her by fisting his hand into her hair using it as a leash. The girl resisted at first but eventually gave in and humped back as they both came together. The guy had ecstasy written all over his face as he grunted with the release. The girls face was a mess of tears and saliva but there was a look fulfillment in her eyes...


A secretary was splayed over her boss's desk being fucked by him as they both kissed each other. She started moaning with each push until he finally came making her scream in pleasure. The scene then cut to later, a group of people were sitting and discussing with the boss heading the meeting as he sat behind his desk. He was letting out a few grunts every now and then, as his secretary was kneeling under his desk, out of sight of the others and sucking his dick devotedly...


A strict Headmistress was berating a male student for his misbehaviors, telling him to repent and change his ways. She pulled him down by his hair and slapped him around a bit telling him to change his ways. Seeing the lack of remorse in him, she retrieves a ruler from her desk drawer and forced him onto her knees and thoroughly spanked him, making him cry and beg for mercy...


A cheerleader pulls out her sweaty socks and shoves them into a male nerds mouth making him sputter in disgust. She shows him a video of him ruffling through her bag and sniffing her panties, telling him how she'll ruin his life if he didn't submit to her whims. Ignoring the muffled pleas of the guy she goes onto rub her musty foot all over his face completely humiliating him. She giggles seeing his hard on and strokes it every now and then making him whimper...


A maid is forced to serve the young master of the house as his pet. She is lead by a collar and leash when no one is around making her do humiliating tasks. She wakes him up with a blowjob, eats her meals on the floor next to the young master as he sits on the table. She massages him and sucks his cock and balls while he is studying...


A next door neighbor is seduced with the sweet and naughty words of a college stud, who then turns her into a cheating MILF who is at his beck and call...


Lara hardly watched any porn other than the usual vanilla sex, so seeing all kinds of new fetishes was like opening a box of candies each with it's own flavor. She was so horny after a point that she had put one hand in her pants rubbing herself completely disregarding the wide eyed Cal on the floor. She soon closed the laptop and turned to Cal. He was sporting a huge hard on and was panting with need.

"Ooff, you pervert, what do I even do with you.",5945147


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